Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I could really use a wish right now

My current wishes!
I want to move to L.A and have a yellow mustang GT with Black stripes!! See, nothing extravagant I love simple tings haha..
The yellow mustang is so vibrant,bright and super sexy...
I want to ride around in my "bumble bee" and drink Starbucks all day long..
AHH THE LIFE!!! I'm sitting here "California Dreaming" again lol...
One day that dream will be my reality BAY BEEEE....

love you 2 pieces ♥

aka Summertime Cal :)

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  1. That car is HOT! I believe you will make it Cali...I'll always be ur numba 1 fan

  2. I LOVE LA! Keep believing in your self Cali. We know you are gonna make it. You have my support.