Thursday, June 30, 2011


HORRAY!!! Here it is guys!!! My CTV S/S lookbook!!! Filmed By: Sammy Tarantino Wardrobe: (clears throat) lol ME!

P.S You guys may now see what logo I've chosen for my store.

I hope you all enjoy!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming Soon!!

I'm super excited about the few projects I've been working on the past few weeks. One project is a few changes to my store which includes a Men's section and a under $15 section. My second project is adding to etsy as well. I am also trying to figure out what my logo will be for my store. I have a few sketches but I haven't decided as of yet. This weekend I have a few shoots I'm doing that will feature some of my garments and ACCESSORIES, yessss, finally!! I will also be adding vintage and vintage inspired accessories. Such a treat! My other project is huge, can't tell any details yet but I can't wait to reveal it to you guys..

I hope you all are enjoying the summer!! I know I am. ta ta for now!!


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Fashion

As much as I adore modern fashions I am such a vintage FREAK! I love everything from vinyls & turntables to muffs and cummerbunds lol. I think my heart is truly 60 years old and not 22! Below, I've chosen a few vintage streetstyle fashion for you all to check out and eventually fall in love with vintage! :) While looking for "Monday inspiration" awaiting 4pm (the time I get off) I stumbled across some photos from 1940's and came up with a shoot and short film idea. (Check back later for more on that) Looking at each elegant woman makes me wish I lived in the 40's and 50's when ladies wore dresses and skirts and shoes hats and all. The good times right??

Love vintage pieces ?? Check out my ETSY STORE ...Thanks for reading!!

photo credit: google/tumblr

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Forever Michael

Today marks two years since the passing of the greatest entertainer of all time, MICHAEL JACKSON. For those who do not know me I am a MJ stan, fanantic, #1 jump up and down fall out fan. I know im a mess but I am completely in love with every song and all that is Michael Jackson. Oh gosh darn it! I'm starting to cry smh so I have to cut this post short. I'm listening to "Ben" (my favorite mj song)and it always makes me sad. I just wanted to say R.I.P to the King Of Pop and show you guys some of my MJ memorabilia..

Hope you Enjoy!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Partner Rick-Key!

Hey! Hey! Hey! On Saturday,(which was my favorite day out of the week) My partner Ricky Codio, and I assisted on a shoot that is currently on the hush hush. We had a ball! Ricky and I make an awesome team. Do you remember my Envy My Vintage shoot in December? If not check it out! Since that shoot Ricky and I have been going insane with ideas and he's also been helping me with my store. :) Be on the lookout for more shoots over the summer. Here is preview of the shoot. Unfortunately, at this time we can't post any pics from the shoot. We were allowed one and I decided to choose this one.

I wanted you all to take a look at some of ricky's work. If you are in the philadelphia area and need a photographer contact my homeslice. Very affordable rates and such a cool person to shoot with. I guarantee you! Below are a few photos taken by him. I hope you enjoy! :)

Stalk him on twitter and facebook. Tell him I sent you lol

facebook:Ricky Codio
twitter: @Rickfallenstar

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Versace to Design Iconic Collection - H&M Autumn 2011

It's official!! Versace will be collaborating with H&M for a limited edition collection. Which is going to be available in select stores this fall. Are you excited? I was so mind blown over the whole Lanvin collaboration and once it hit the stores I only liked a few items and it was a bit blah to me..I still am a die hard h&m girl so they can do no wrong in my eyes lol ..Let's just see how interesting this collection will turn out...

Love you 2 pieces ♥


A Sunny Sun Day

Ello earthlings! hahaha... This is my "Sunny Sunday look" lol. This past weekend was full of craziness and super exciting events. Idk why I'm starting with Sunday and not Friday. (Friiday,Friiday gotta get down on Friiday) oops! I'm seriously in such a jolly good mood. I love the summer so I tend to have outbursts like every hour. Get it? No? Good! :) jk No, today is a special day for Sammy and I and I'm just overwhelmed with joy....

Back to my post... Sunday, was a huge day for Sammy. He was one of the videographers at the Super Jam 2 concert in New Jersey. He got to meet someone whom has inspired us so much as future entrepreneurs. No other than "Sean Diddy Combs" How fuggin awesome is that? I am super jealous but at the same time so happy for Sammy, I know that opportunity will open sooo many doors for him and I'm right by his side cheering him on. (I'm his #1 fan) shhhh! ;) This is what I wore to drop him off... Blahh Blahh I wish I was there but I had a few things I had to get done for CTV. Sadly, because of my poor time management (I know I'm working on it) we could only snap 4 shots before we headed out and I only liked 2.... Bummer!

I hope you all enjoyed your beautiful weekend.

Dress & bracelets:21
Sunnies: Gucci
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Name Necklace:gift


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Monday, June 20, 2011


Ello!! Ok, ok sooo I wish I would of asked Sammy when the video was coming out before I opened my big mouth and said last week. ugrhh! lol Instead, I have a cool trailer that he released. Which is super dope. It will literally make u go insane! It's actually one of my favorite videos my hubbs have done thus far. Check the trailer and let me know what u think! (Easy Easy)

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who is Marcus G?

On Sunday, I had the opportunity of assisting Sammy on a very creative music video titled "THE TERMINATOR".

From the dance moves to the lyrics to the energy from all three talented guys in the video it was awe-inspiring! When this video drops man oh man. I'm telling you all do not underestimate this man.
The artist, Marcus G(ManIcon). Marcus G is a Philadelphia born and raised and extremely talented young man. Not only is he a entertainer, he designs,he writes his own music, he's a stage director & radio Specialist(director) in Kent, CT. Whilst at the same time a full time college student, who if I must say is very fashionable. When asked his goals and aspirations Marcus responded with this:: "My life goal is to one day own a record label and an Advertising agency. I want to travel the world, learn, and give back to my people. I want to teach children that you can be anything you want to be - all you need is support, discipline, and prayer." I also asked a two other questions.

Who inspires you?
My mother and grandfather inspire me. My mom taught me what it is to truly be dedicated and hard working. She taught me by example that you can have whatever you want as long as you work hard to get it. (ITS ALL THERE FOR YOU, JUST REACH!) My Grandfather taught me how to be wise in what I do. Always make the best decision, follow your morals, and above all...Dont take no shit from anyone.

Musically who inspires you as an artist?
Musically Im inspired by Michael Jackson, David bowie, beyonce, Lady GaGa, bjork, Madonna, and Janet Jackson.

Anyone who loves MJ,Beyonce and Gaga is definitely without a doubt good in the book of cali lol.

Check out the track "The Terminator" and be on the lookout for the video this week! :)

"My style (fashion) Is what the industry would consider "Left Lane" - Im here to change all of that! I want to be the artist that grabs the industry by the horns, rip them off, and wear them on my shoulders..... WATCH OUT, MARCUS G IS COMING!!!!"

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cake Day!

Hello Readers! Today, my mother called me over to surprise me with a birthday cake. Is it my birthday? Nope! My birthday is March, you guys remember, duhh! I was elated! You know why? Because Tiffany & Co is my favorite jeweler. It was such a lovely surprise and I love that it read "Happy Birthday Cali" lol Sooo adorable!

I wish I could cut a piece for all you lovely girls and boys! It's yummers! Sorry for rubbing it in :P

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

My Name Is Cali Shabazz,
Whilst going through my things and randomly cleaning out my closets on a Tuesday afternoon, I decided to photograph some of the items that stood out to me. They are a few of my favorite things. A LBD (little black dress), classic black trench, polka dot pump me ups lol :P, measuring tape & mannequin,Tiffany and Co., a vintage pocketbook,and last but most certainly not least internationally magazines (my biggest obsession). What else was there to do on a boring day full of blah blah blah...I've added a few more items to the store.CHAITEAVINTAGE... I also wanted to let you all know that the Free Shipping is still on like popcorn!!! Soooooo check it out! :)..I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Also, I completely forgot how much I adored taking photographs. I miss it oh so much! Sammy, takes all mine so I don't get a chance to actually capture my visions anymore. That will soon change my friends. I need to get back in the groove. It's summa, summa, summa, summatime!!! I'm taking advantage of the long hours of daylight and the warm weather.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Marilyn Monroe My All Time Muse...She was so gorgeous and it's a shame how short of a life she lived. The original Blonde Bombshell and Sex Symbol. A mystery women indeed but she will always be on my wall in my book shelf and in my computer. I think it's safe to say I'm a Marilyn Stan.. lol Not a crazy fan but a crazy one. Get it? No? Good! We are on the ball!

R.I.P Beautiful And Happy 85th Birthday!!

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents."
— Marilyn Monroe

Love you 2 pieces ♥



Ello!! Whoop there it is!! Pt.2 of The Crazies Feat:: Myself and Sammy!!! Your favorite couple of weird cookies lol I hope you all enjoy :)

Love you 2 pieces ♥