Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi Guys!!! After all those hours of searching through all those photos believe it or not I couldn't decide. Everyone was so good but it was one girl, one special girl that stood out to me. Ragine Williams !!!! Not only has Ragine stood out as a future Fashionista. She is also a follower of my blog,twitter and a fan of ACALITALE on facebook. She once told me that She loved my blog and my style and she wished she could take pictures of her in her outfits but she didn't have a camera, so she takes them from her phone. Being that I love how much of a supporter she is and she is also creative and a huge fan of my blog so I decided to scratch the birthday package and give her a gift I know she would love.... I recently bought a new canon camera so I will be giving her my baby, my Nikon!!!!! She has to promise to blog more and take tons of pics with this camera. It's hard for me to give up things but when you know someone who would really appreciate the gift I have no problem letting it go...
So congrats to my 1st winner of my contest and a Fab Girl Ragine Williams!

You are the winner of my Nikon 3000 along with a lens and camera bag!!! :)
Also a Starbucks gift card just because I know you love it as well lol

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Friday, March 25, 2011

Flyy Day

Happy Flyy Day guys!!!! I've been super busy these past two days that I haven't had the time to sit down and actually blog :/. I know, I'm horrible! Well It's 10:37 est and I'm up and will be up all night getting the wardrobe ready for my shoot tomorrow for CTV! Next week, Sammy, will be shooting my video lookbook. Yay!!! Well guys let me get back to work and do not forget tomorrow at 12 I'm closing the (personal style contest) Good Luck to you all...

Have a super weekend! Try to make at least 5 people laugh and 5 people smile this weekend!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Bday!!!

Today marks 1 FULL year of this blog. I'm super excited for year two as I have grown and have a new outlook on life and fashion. As I mentioned a few days ago I will be transforming my blog. I will blog about fashion but mostly about personal style & life. Are you ready for a fun ride? Get ready for new adventures,outfit posts,video blogs,giveaways and fun!
Also,if you know someone who has a blogger account tell them to follow my blog as I will do theirs. My store is coming along pretty well despite of the situations that prevented me from opening it in January. I'm shooting this weekend and next weekend so lookout for new pics of cool vintage wear via CTV.

To a new year full of light,love,laughs,and style!!!!

Thank you for all your comments,emails,tweets,messages,and follows of my blog and becoming a fan on facebook. You guys are really sweet and kind I appreciate it all.

Love you all 2 pieces ♥



Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi Guys! So instead of posting the photos from my birthday, Sammy created a video for me! :)
Easy,Easy!!! This week seems to be going by quick that means it's not that much time left to enter my personal style contest!! Deadline Is This Saturday SOOOOO ENTER NOW!!!!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Monday, March 21, 2011

Bday weekend Recap

Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!! As you guys know my birthday was yesterday. I spent it with Sammy & my family. It was a beautiful day and the first day of spring! We snapped a few shots and filmed a horrible video that I do not wish to write about lol.. I bet you guys wanna know what He got me right?? Well, on Friday we got dressed up and he took me to my favorite restaurant P.F Changs. OMG, I didnt even get an outfit shot! I blame him for making me forget... Anyway, he surprised me with this
A promise ring!! I love it!!!!!( I need to get a better pic. Sorry for the poor quality of this photo:p) I love my boyfriend so much he's so sweet and our relationship is simply perfect j/k nobody's relationship is perfect. However, we understand and support each other to the fullest. Im my happiest with him and I wouldn't trade him for the world. I want to tell you guys what he said once he gave me the ring but it's mushy and I know u all don't want to read about that lol....Here is some photo's of from our dinner..

The desert was pineapple&coconut ice cream with fried bananas... I thought that it was delicious! My favorite ice cream & favorite restaurant = #winning

I will post pics of Saturday along with my Birthday tomorrow because this post is a little long and I don't want to keep lagging on & on...:)

I should of wrote this first as it is my biggest addiction ever STARBUCKS!!!!
A Starbucks giftcard will also be in the birthday package! :)

Love you 2 pieces ♥



If you haven't already entered the contest do it now!! You still have time!!! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey Guys!! As you all know I've been extremely excited about my first contest/giveaway. So, let's get this party started. The contest is of course a personal style contest. Why? Because my first year of blogging I wasn't sure what type of blogger I wanted to be. Although Fashion was the topic in general, I didn't want to just blog about the different fashions. I wanted to add my life,personal feelings,travels and personal style. With that being said I started posting myself in different outfits and I loved it so I decided for year 2 of ACALITALE I will blog about my personal style as well as my friends & different people I meet throughout the year....

This contest will be about YOU! My readers! Yes, it is my birthday and my blog's birthday but I thought it would be more exciting to see your style and give back to you :)

You will email me 3 photos at ( of 3 outfits showing me your personal stlye. Make it fun,creative and FLYY.
You have one week to submit your photos to me. I will be announcing the winner MARCH 26TH 2011 In the case of a tie I will have a tie breaker between the two contestants.

You must be a follower of my blog
A follower on TWITTER

Easy rules right? YES!! lol

A Cali Tale Bday Package

This includes 7 of my favorite things!
I will reveal a different gift each day this week.

The first prize in the Package is my favorite fragrance "LOLA BY MARC JACOBS"
The second prize I will let you all know on Monday!!

Good Luck to all of you!!!! Talk to you all again on monday!

Again my email is

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Train - Hey, Soul Sister (fav song)

This is my all time favorite song!!! I've been listening to it for a full year now. Of course, any sane person would have stopped months ago. I can't start my day without listening to this song. No matter what my mood is in the morning. This song transforms me into the happiest girl lol I know what your thinking kind of lame right? No? yesssss!!! #WINNING So,take a listen and enjoy your day today. I'm enjoying my last day's as a 21yr old "air guitarist". Please excuse my extreme happiness lol

Btw guys: On Saturday, March 19th,2011. I am having my first blog giveaway & contest. Make sure you all are watching so you can participate!!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Hi Guys! I know you all are just about as tired of the cold weather as I am. I
can't wait until spring & summer. I can smell the blooming flowers already
(exaggerating) lol This Sunday, my birthday, is on the first day of spring.
Yay! I told you guys I was awesome lol j/k.. I'm so ready to throw my winter
coats,hats and gloves in the back of the basement for next year. I've had enough
of the blistering cold and sitting in my car for 10 minutes just to warm it up.
Bring on the boho hats,shorts,floral maxi dresses, pastels,lace,sandals,flip
flops, water ice and amusement parks. Let's all disappear in the warm weather
explore and capture all the memories on photograph. I can't wait to lay in the grass for hours gazing at the sun loving life, the long hours of sunlight,the butterflies,the sounds of laughter. I miss it all!..I'm sorry SLR you will be
put to work in just a few months. Haha Here are a few photos I've chosen as my
summer inspiration for right now. I hope they brighten your day!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Photo Credit:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New York Minute pt2

Here is the NY video post. Shot by my super duper great boyfriend,Sammy! After 5 hours of shopping,site seeing (I know I do it every time)walking,walking and more walking lol...He finally squished and mushed it all in 1:16 seconds worth of a fun in nyc.

Check out the video!!! I hope you all enjoy and subscribe to the youtube page and follow us on twitter @SAMMYTARANTINO & @ACALITALE

A NEWYORK MINUTE <~~~~ Click here

Love you 2 pieces ♥


River Front Daze

Hi Guys! I hope your weekend went swell! Here are a few pics from Saturday. I love river fronts mainly because of the peacefulness of the water. I am such an outdoor lover, I could just sit here for hours thinking,dreaming and loving life more and more. The City of Wilmington , Delaware. I am in love! :) I'm actually considering moving here. With Sammy's approval of course. haha!

btw:Check out my new polish for the first part of spring it's an OPI shade called (cajun shrimp) I call it (love this sooo much) lol ...
What do you think about it?

All photos were taken by Sammy Tarantino & Cali Shabazz for

outfit:earrings-necklace-rings-vest 21, dress h&m,tights?, leg warmers thrifted,watch Michael Kors,shoes thrifted

love you 2 pieces ♥


Monday, March 14, 2011

A New York Minute (well more like second) lol

Hi Guys! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I sure did! I had a blast and spent a ton on gas.

Sammy & I spent the weekend filming for thecrazies and taking pics for acalitale. I have a few pics from yesterday in NYC just a few because we filmed for the most part. I always have fun with sammy. He means so much to me. Sammy's so different & funny. I love him,but at the same time, I just wanna punch him sometimes. lol (which is totally normal). We also have footage from Saturday in Wilmington as well as some pics. Will post those once he edits the videos.

Make sure you guys subscribe to our video blog page!!! :)


Love you 2 pieces ♥


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Late night snack

Hi Guys! Im so tired, you guys have no idea the amount of pain I'm feeling right now. (lies) Ok,so im kidding! I haven't drank coffee or ate sweets in THREE whole days. This is pain! I guess this is what withdraw feels like (awkward laugh) Ummm well guess what? I saved about 75 dollars these past days not spending it on junkfood or starbucks. WINNING !!! Aren't you proud of me? (say yes, say yes) My love sammy has a new camera so I shall be posting outfit posts as well as FLYY DAY post from now on. My camera sucks and I just want to DESTROY sell it.
I would post a pic of myself right now off of my addictions but you would just laugh so here is a pic of what I believe I look like :)

Are you guys following me on TWITTER ? If not well u should because you'll have loads of fun and of course I'll follow you guys back.

I think I'm done venting for the day/night. This was a late night snack for your sweet tooth.

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Shoe Porn Vol 3

I haven't done a shoe porn post since last summer. sheesh! Tisk! Tisk! I decided to pick out 3 pair of shoes that I am currently lusting over. Enjoy! :)

The first pair are from Pedro Garcia I want to hate them, but unfortunately the shoe addict in my heart isn't letting me. I have never bought a pair of white heels before,I mean look at them, the heel is even snow white. I would die a million times if I got a stitch of dirt on them. lol They are Piper White Toscana heels priced at $425.00

Look at these Beauties!!!! Christian Louboutin "Big Lips" Booties
A very powerful & sexy shoe. It screams I'M FIERCE!! Made of pony hair with a ultra thin 5inch heel. priced at 1635.00

photo credit louboutin

The Jimmy Choo Vachetta Sandal

This sandal is very cute and fun. Just looking at it I have 5 different outfits in my head. lol The heel is 4.5inchs priced at 795.00

photo credit jc

If you have any shoes that you absolutely love and would like me to feature on the next shoe porn post, email them to me along with a picture & description of the shoe at

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Gaga Fix (Mother Monster)

Hi Guys, I'm blogging from Starbucks. (My second home) haha I wanted to share with you some GAGA updates. For those who know me,you know that I'm such a GAGA freak! I can't get enough of her and this year has started off great for "Mother Monster". For starters, Born This way released! Oh My Gaga! If I must say this is by far my favorite song in the world. ( no exaggeration)Which is #1on the billboard charts this week. Go GAGA!! Also, She appeared in my all time favorite mag VOGUE! A double dose of heaven lol....Here are a few pics from March 2011 US Vogue

Aren't they divine! She looks amazing! I love how versatile and creative she is, it only makes me love her more. btw: have you seen born this way official video? If not click HERE 7:20 of omg and ooooo's and ahhhh's.. She reminds me of MJ so much! Especially with this video. The concept is insane and she really out did her self with this video. How could you not love her?

Also, I don't know if you guys heard but on May 7th Gaga will be broadcasting her Madison Square Garden "Monster ball" concert on HBO. Two weeks before "Born This Way" the album releases. Check out the trailer HBO Trailer I'm super anxious to see the concert and to see what Gaga has in store throughout the year. As you all know there isn't a dull moment with her.

Last but certainly not least Gaga ripped the runway @ Paris Fashion Week yesterday in the Mugler AW'12 show. Previewing Government Hooker see video here Mugler AW Show

Have you all enjoyed this Gaga fix? I sure did!!! :) Stay tuned for more gaga & more messiness from Cali Shabazz lol Bye Guys!!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness!!!!! (Birthday Month)

Hi guys!!! As most of you know March is my favorite month.. Now, I love it even more. You know why? A Cali Tale Turns One this month!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I will be blogging everyday. I have a few giveaways,new pics,video blogs,new models and clothes, clothes and more clothes..I would like to say thank you to all of you who read my blog,left a comment emailed me or participated in my projects. I love each and every one of you. I wish I could of blogged more but I promise you guys year 2 will be amazing!!! &&& soooo much better!!!! So get ready for some good times. It's so much fun to turn 1!!!!!

New Photos taken by Sammy Tarantino for & H.O.T

My first project is my youtube show with my silly but awesome boyfriend,Sammy!! I will also be video blogging by myself guys.. Wish me luck lol! I'll try to be serious but I can't stop the giggles and smiles.

Here is the first video of Sammy & I video blog....#thecrazies Follow Sammy on twitter @SAMMYTARANTINO && myself @ACALITALE

Love you 2 pieces ♥
To another year full of fun,love, & happiness!!!