Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bday Post

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!! On March 20th I celebrated my 23rd
birthday. I had so much fun but my allergies were kicking my butt!
Bummer! I spent it by working (sucked) but my boyfriend made it better
by taking me out to dinner and I had to do a little shopping too. Come
on it’s the first day of spring! Haha Here are some pics of my day!


Funny thing is I received about 200 dollars in Starbucks giftcards.
Can you say winning??? Ah the my family knows me so well. I think I’m down
to only 50 dollars left on them. (Please no judging :p)
I wore a 21 linen blazer & black dress also tan pumps I found in a
thrift store (never worn) for 5 dollars. Cowabunga! Sorry for the lack of pictures my boyfriend left the camera home.

If your birthday is in March Happy Birthday to you as well!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


Monday, March 5, 2012

"March"ing to the top

It's March and I still suck as a blogger smh lol... I made a promise that I'll blog more and I've yet to keep that ode. So much for my New Years Resolution thus far. Anyway, It's my favorite month of the year, MARCH!!! My bday month as well as my blog's bday month as well. Two years of blogging and I can probably count on my finger how many posts I've done. This really is sucky! :( Ok umm uhhh I'll be good this month and I'll try really really hard! lol (seriously)

Anyway, Philadelphia,I have a goodie for you! I am having my first Sidewalk Sale! Loads of Vintage for you beauties and fine gentleman. Come pound the pavements with me March 31st. Guess what?? Im baking cookies and I have iced chai tea. Ture Bliss, I know, thank me later! lol Are you freakin ready??? I sure as heck am!!

Love you 2 pieces ♥