Monday, July 16, 2012

In a #COWABUNGA mood

I bet you love how I used that hashtag in a title. No? lol I'm in a COWABUNGA mood! Today had to be one of the greatest days I've ever lived. I laughed and smiled and enjoyed each and every minute of this summa ju lie day. A much needed talk with someone who I can't go an hour without thinking of, about 2 1/2 cups of coffee, eating ice cream with my munchkin, and a few sketches for my line :) :) :) and other messiness lol ... In love with life right now. No one can take this joy away! Im totally babbling and it's ok I promise never to do it again! lol ;) Guess what??? ACALITALE is on instagram ! Follow up and check out the craziness and interesting vintage finds daily! Do u adore these photos? A hippie bride.. wardrobe provided by Chai Tea Vintage..
#bliss #love #summer
photo credit- google & mee :) That's all for now lol Love you 2 pieces ♥ Cali