Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats going on?

Hey you strangers!! Where have I been? That indeed the question I ask myself everyday. Hmmm Believe it or not I've been pretty busy. Having loads of fuggin fun eating icecream shooting models and loving life! I have some goodies & all sorts of tings yes tings to sell to you gals on theCHAITEAVINTAGE site. Check it out! Hope you enjoy as much as I do! Btw, can u fuggin believe it's DECEMBER already? Omg! This year fleeeeeewwww by! Below I did a outfit post for you since I can't even remember when the last time I did that. (tisk tisk)That will change because I have tons of vintage to strut for you vintage lovas. Super Huge S/O to my hubbs for being a great boyfriend and a huge supporter in my work! love you dude! Sammy also took these photos! :)

Dress & BLAZER: Chai Tea Vintage they will both be available in store tomorrow :)

Love you 2 pieces &hearts


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