Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Return Of The Crazy Gal!

My computer has been down forever you guys. :( I’m stealing wifi from starbucks on my neighbors laptop at the moment while sipping on the best cinnamon dolce in the world. I’ve been living and loving everything and everyone. Below are a few photo’s of my “July” which seemed to have went by super fast.… Am I the only one who felt that way??? I took a break from everything and I adored every minute of it. However, I am now extremely siked and I can’t wait to start blogging, shooting and updating my store. I have a few shoots set up for August. I’m currently working on buying a Macbook Pro, because, my little crappy laptop can’t be saved for much longer. Enough with my babbling, enjoy your time with your loved ones and most importantly enjoy this freakin awesome weather. Autumn is near! So, live in the moment now!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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