Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T33n Philly Mag

Can you believe summer is almost over? Are you in tears? I am!!! I love the summer but fall is my favorite season. I know, I tell u guys that already. If you remember in June my post about Ricky , I told you about a pool shoot we did but couldn't release the photos. Well today I reveal them. Some you might have already seen If you checked out T33NPHILLYMAGAZINE lately. What is T33n Philly Mag?? Teen Philly Mag is a very dope up & coming online magazine strictly for the teens in Philly! It’s created by my girl Jovonna Townsend, whom is also
the owner of Joni models Inc. We had a blast working on this shoot for the magazine as well as a few others you all will see within the next few weeks.

First, I would like you to check out a pic I call "Daydreamer". We actually didn't like how this photo turned out but once ricky edited it and changed the background from a plain white wall to a room of clouds how could u not be endlessly in love with it? Also below are a few more photos from the shoot.

Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I do. Stay tuned for more fun fun funnn shoots! :)

Make sure you check out T33NPHILLYMAGAZINE every month for more updates on what's going with the Philly teens! :)
Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. The pics are stunning Cali. You and ricky are remarkable

  2. Beautiful pics cali I wanna model so bad looks like they had fun