Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bday Post

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!! On March 20th I celebrated my 23rd
birthday. I had so much fun but my allergies were kicking my butt!
Bummer! I spent it by working (sucked) but my boyfriend made it better
by taking me out to dinner and I had to do a little shopping too. Come
on it’s the first day of spring! Haha Here are some pics of my day!


Funny thing is I received about 200 dollars in Starbucks giftcards.
Can you say winning??? Ah the my family knows me so well. I think I’m down
to only 50 dollars left on them. (Please no judging :p)
I wore a 21 linen blazer & black dress also tan pumps I found in a
thrift store (never worn) for 5 dollars. Cowabunga! Sorry for the lack of pictures my boyfriend left the camera home.

If your birthday is in March Happy Birthday to you as well!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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