Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am very entertaining,if you haven't already noticed. I love to make people laugh, so i truly believe that acting will give me the opportunity to express my creativity throughout the world. I love to perform, probably more than taking pictures and I absolutely love photographs. I decided it would be cool If I made a web based reality show called "WELCOME TO CALIWOOD". The show would consist of my everyday life and my path on becoming an actress. I know it sounds boring watching someone walk around all day, but I'm hilarious and a goofball lol You will definitely enjoy it; the launch of the show will be in May so stay tuned for that. I'm extremely grateful to have such a talent and the ability to share it with you. A Cali Tale !!!!


  1. I love it Cali! I love your drive! Keep doing what your doing, I know you gonna make it! :) MGMGMG!!!

  2. Cali your the best. I support you 100%. I wish you the best of luck in your career. Take That,Take That the next diddy !!

  3. thank you so much ladies :)!!!!