Friday, April 9, 2010

you tell them lies i tell them facts

some things you don't know about me..u might not care but I'm going to tell you anyway
*I'm only 5'4
*I dont have a boyfriend
*when I was little i always dreamed of becoming a actress and a ballerina
*I'm left handed
*I only have 4 real friends
*I brought my first car at 18
*I hate fake people with a passion
*I hate ignorance
*I'm a workaholic
*I have 150 Vogue magazines :)
*I buy almost everything from thrift stores
*I never took a photography class
*I do not eat red meat
*I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day
*I hate to admit it but I'm such a procrastinator
*My hair is real and so are my nails lol
*I never used my sewing machine everything I made I did it by hand
*I cant swim
*I'm a "junkie" lol I eat junk food alllll day looong
*I sneak to NY about 5 times a month
*I'm going to be a STAR okkkkkkk and own a Ferrari and a starbucks!!!

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