Monday, January 30, 2012

New Look :)

Hello You Fab Fab Readers!!

A Cali Tale has new look! :) Do u likeeeeeeee??? Are you proud of me? I did it myself. Things are changing and I was thinking about doing a whole new layout but I chickened out and just changed the template. (It was sooo much easier lol) In other news the moving process has begun and I am so happy and excited!! My “munchkin” is also excited about the big move and I was surprised because he doesn’t like changing anything. I’ve attached an “outfit” from last week playing around in ricky’s studio. I pretended I was a model lol. This sweater I have on was 3 dollars and I wear it everyday. It’s the most comfy sweater I’ve ever had and to have gotten it for only 3 dollars is definitely a win win in my book!

Everything I have on is either thrifted or vintage. (Come on you know me)Once my internet gets hooked back up I will blog more showing you guys my favorite items I’ve snagged for our apartment as well as more outfit posts. I can’t wait to share; I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. i love it :) you remind me of myself, i get so excited when i find pieces at the thrift store i go like every weekend and treat myself there i love it i find amazing pieces :)....

  2. All the time! lol Story of my life! :) Thank you for reading!!!