Monday, September 27, 2010

Its the simple things in life

I had a really crummy day so I made a list of everything that I like and some things that makes me happy!
*Damon ♥
*My Family *High Heels
*Reading fashion magazines *Flowers
*Ice cream & cake *Balloons
*Traveling *Sky Scrapers
*bows *TRUE LOVE
*Michael Jackson *green tea
*STARBUCKS!!!!!! *Candy corn
*playing games *macaroons
*NY *Confidence & loyalty
*Quotes *Did I say Starbucks?
*Diners *My fav rappers B.O.B,Jay-z,Kanye west,wale
*Good Morning Texts :D *making collages
*Autumn *GAGA & Beyonce
*winter scarfs *knock knock jokes
*The sunrise *taking pictures
*blogging *going on vacation

This is a picture from my trip to Nassau
Making this list just made my day!

btw I really miss my boyfriend :(

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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