Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Dreaming "Wishlist"

I told myself to never write "Hi Guys" again! It's soooo played out to me. So I decided to switch it up and write "Hi Gals & Guys" lol. Do you like that better?lol oh gosh nevermind don't respond to that.

My wishlist grows by the minute whilst browsing the internet everyday. I think by updating the things I'm lusting over, someone would surprise me with them. (hint hint to anyone out there with a buttload cash) lol

Here are my current obsessions
A C√ČLINE 3306 Dark Coffee Shiny/Croc Veins Leather

Hot Red Pants- as seen here on Kate Bosworth (Her's are Valentino)

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle Duster Trench

YSL Split-front two-tone cotton-canvas skirt (Aren't you in love with the asymmetric pocket?)

Alexander Wang (One of my FAV designers He's a freggin Genius)Cotton-poplin handkerchief dress

A TRIP TO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo credit:net-a-porter/tumblr/google

Here is my most current list! What do u all think? What are you all lusting over?

Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. Hey Cali I think gals and guys is hot gurl lol. I really love how random you are and I wish u post more outfit post like last year. I bet ur style has grown and we want to see it. P.S I've been lusting over a hermes bag. I know i"ll never save enough to get the bag but gurl lol i be on that site every damn day

  2. If you get that bag...promise to share it with me? Lol Great Post! You picked some hot stuff!

  3. A Hermes bag would be lovely I would keep it in a glass box lol.....@Kia Sure, You can hold it Tuesday's & Friday's lol