Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A H.O.T Cali Tale

Hiya!!! I've received a few emails from readers wondering if Sammy, was indeed a photographer. To answer the F.A.Q lol He is not a photographer, he takes photos for my blog as a favor and as a Grrrreat boyfriend. Sammy is a videographer/director as well as an actor. Although he takes awesome photos, film is what his heart desires. I admire my boyfriend so much. From his work ethic to his creativity down to the way he supports me 1,000,000% He is such a good person and I am so proud and truly blessed to have a man as good as him. I've never met a person so driven and so focused. He is a go-getter and he's not allowing anything come between fulfilling his dream. I commend him for being that young and motivated. Sammy is in the process of starting his own production company called THE HOUSE OF TARANTINO. He's doing an extraordinary job building an empire as I like to call it. I know he will go far because he has the passion and he's on the right track!

I wish I could of set up a Q & A video for you guys so you can get to know him and myself. Matter of fact, I shall do that later on this week. That would be pretty cool! So be on the look out for that. With that being said now you know a little about my dearest sammy lol. I would like all of you to check out a few of his videos on his site and if you are interested shoot him a email. Sammy's contact information is on his site!!! Link below!


Thanks for reading!

Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. This post is pretty cool. I was thinking bout doing a video bout me for my blog maybe when I'm ready I could link up with him.

  2. That is so sweet of him to do this for you. Amazing boyfriends are awesome :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  3. Thanks guys! :) @julz he has really reasonable prices just shoot him an email...

  4. took a peep at his site. very cool. sammy and you are so adorable i hate it lol