Monday, May 9, 2011

You've Got A Hold On Me

Hiiiiiii Guysssss!!! I'm on super delay with my post these days. I've been busy with my store and looking for an apartment. Lot's of work! Anyway, I managed to sneak away for 30 minutes to put together this post and drink some Green Tea with a macaroon of course haha!! Here are a few photos from yesterday whilst preparing for another lookbook in the park with Sammy. This very chic 1980's dress is absolutely my favorite dress in my store right now...It's a mini dress and with sleeves, double breasted, along with a belt! Wah La! Right up my alley!! It's cotton and very light Perfect for this type of weather. I really do not want to part with it but I have to, so whomever the new owner will be, I'm sure she will love it as much as I do.Chai Tea Vintage

Shoes:5inc with 1 1/2 inc platform (gifted)
Dress: VTG will be in store tonight C.T.V
Hat: Dude I love that hat! I'm sorry If I wear it too much but I just love love love it
Jewelry:21 & NY&Co

Photo Credit: Sammy Tarantino of H.O.T

Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. You look so beautiful. The dress is very cute and stylish.

  2. Cali you are stunning! Why aren't you already a model? I love how u photograph. You are def wearing that dress. the pics are 10's across the board. you & sammy are perfect together. keep the pics and videos coming

  3. I love the photos, you look amazing! the vintage shots are my favorite!

    Sarah Jane R.

  4. Thank you ladies! I really appreciate your kind words :)

  5. Bow chicka wow. love the sky blue dress with the hat and heels. u look so innocent. u have a very diverse look. i agree with keyona. why haven't u taken up modeling?