Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Sunny Sun Day

Ello earthlings! hahaha... This is my "Sunny Sunday look" lol. This past weekend was full of craziness and super exciting events. Idk why I'm starting with Sunday and not Friday. (Friiday,Friiday gotta get down on Friiday) oops! I'm seriously in such a jolly good mood. I love the summer so I tend to have outbursts like every hour. Get it? No? Good! :) jk No, today is a special day for Sammy and I and I'm just overwhelmed with joy....

Back to my post... Sunday, was a huge day for Sammy. He was one of the videographers at the Super Jam 2 concert in New Jersey. He got to meet someone whom has inspired us so much as future entrepreneurs. No other than "Sean Diddy Combs" How fuggin awesome is that? I am super jealous but at the same time so happy for Sammy, I know that opportunity will open sooo many doors for him and I'm right by his side cheering him on. (I'm his #1 fan) shhhh! ;) This is what I wore to drop him off... Blahh Blahh I wish I was there but I had a few things I had to get done for CTV. Sadly, because of my poor time management (I know I'm working on it) we could only snap 4 shots before we headed out and I only liked 2.... Bummer!

I hope you all enjoyed your beautiful weekend.

Dress & bracelets:21
Sunnies: Gucci
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Name Necklace:gift


Love you 2 pieces ♥

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