Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who is Marcus G?

On Sunday, I had the opportunity of assisting Sammy on a very creative music video titled "THE TERMINATOR".

From the dance moves to the lyrics to the energy from all three talented guys in the video it was awe-inspiring! When this video drops man oh man. I'm telling you all do not underestimate this man.
The artist, Marcus G(ManIcon). Marcus G is a Philadelphia born and raised and extremely talented young man. Not only is he a entertainer, he designs,he writes his own music, he's a stage director & radio Specialist(director) in Kent, CT. Whilst at the same time a full time college student, who if I must say is very fashionable. When asked his goals and aspirations Marcus responded with this:: "My life goal is to one day own a record label and an Advertising agency. I want to travel the world, learn, and give back to my people. I want to teach children that you can be anything you want to be - all you need is support, discipline, and prayer." I also asked a two other questions.

Who inspires you?
My mother and grandfather inspire me. My mom taught me what it is to truly be dedicated and hard working. She taught me by example that you can have whatever you want as long as you work hard to get it. (ITS ALL THERE FOR YOU, JUST REACH!) My Grandfather taught me how to be wise in what I do. Always make the best decision, follow your morals, and above all...Dont take no shit from anyone.

Musically who inspires you as an artist?
Musically Im inspired by Michael Jackson, David bowie, beyonce, Lady GaGa, bjork, Madonna, and Janet Jackson.

Anyone who loves MJ,Beyonce and Gaga is definitely without a doubt good in the book of cali lol.

Check out the track "The Terminator" and be on the lookout for the video this week! :)

"My style (fashion) Is what the industry would consider "Left Lane" - Im here to change all of that! I want to be the artist that grabs the industry by the horns, rip them off, and wear them on my shoulders..... WATCH OUT, MARCUS G IS COMING!!!!"

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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