Friday, June 29, 2012

Flyy Day

Happy Flyy Day!!! Are you pumped for this weekend? I am! I am debuting my "Wanderlust meets Woodstock" collection next Sunday in Atlanta Georgia! You know what that means right? CRUNCH TIME! I am such an anal person when it comes to photoshoots so I know as it gets down to the wire I am going to drive my staff absolutely nuts! lol (They love it) I will feed them cookies and ice cream and they will forget about me driving them up a wall. (eh, well maybe not) lol ... It's 3 am and my inspiration board has changed and so has my looks..When you have hundreds of ideas your mind continuously changes and looking on the web for inspiration has forced me to start over a million times lol. Here is my outfit from yesterday. Sunny skies,hot weather, mini skirts damn it I love June! Here is my "flyy day mix" Polka dots (fav fav) with pink and a touch of purple!
THE RUNDOWN Top- NY&CO Skirt- Nordstrom Belt & Bag-Vintage Sunnies- YSL Pumps- thrifted Jewelry- the usual mix


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  2. Love your outfit!!!