Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Gaga Fix (Mother Monster)

Hi Guys, I'm blogging from Starbucks. (My second home) haha I wanted to share with you some GAGA updates. For those who know me,you know that I'm such a GAGA freak! I can't get enough of her and this year has started off great for "Mother Monster". For starters, Born This way released! Oh My Gaga! If I must say this is by far my favorite song in the world. ( no exaggeration)Which is #1on the billboard charts this week. Go GAGA!! Also, She appeared in my all time favorite mag VOGUE! A double dose of heaven lol....Here are a few pics from March 2011 US Vogue

Aren't they divine! She looks amazing! I love how versatile and creative she is, it only makes me love her more. btw: have you seen born this way official video? If not click HERE 7:20 of omg and ooooo's and ahhhh's.. She reminds me of MJ so much! Especially with this video. The concept is insane and she really out did her self with this video. How could you not love her?

Also, I don't know if you guys heard but on May 7th Gaga will be broadcasting her Madison Square Garden "Monster ball" concert on HBO. Two weeks before "Born This Way" the album releases. Check out the trailer HBO Trailer I'm super anxious to see the concert and to see what Gaga has in store throughout the year. As you all know there isn't a dull moment with her.

Last but certainly not least Gaga ripped the runway @ Paris Fashion Week yesterday in the Mugler AW'12 show. Previewing Government Hooker see video here Mugler AW Show

Have you all enjoyed this Gaga fix? I sure did!!! :) Stay tuned for more gaga & more messiness from Cali Shabazz lol Bye Guys!!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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