Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Late night snack

Hi Guys! Im so tired, you guys have no idea the amount of pain I'm feeling right now. (lies) Ok,so im kidding! I haven't drank coffee or ate sweets in THREE whole days. This is pain! I guess this is what withdraw feels like (awkward laugh) Ummm well guess what? I saved about 75 dollars these past days not spending it on junkfood or starbucks. WINNING !!! Aren't you proud of me? (say yes, say yes) My love sammy has a new camera so I shall be posting outfit posts as well as FLYY DAY post from now on. My camera sucks and I just want to DESTROY sell it.
I would post a pic of myself right now off of my addictions but you would just laugh so here is a pic of what I believe I look like :)

Are you guys following me on TWITTER ? If not well u should because you'll have loads of fun and of course I'll follow you guys back.

I think I'm done venting for the day/night. This was a late night snack for your sweet tooth.

Love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. ctfu! girl, u are too funny. Im rolling off my bed. do u even know how funny u r? U need a show on VH1 or something. I could just sit there and laugh my a$$ off every week. It comes so natural to you cal.

  2. You're very entertaining.If i ever was to create one. I would follow you first. Please post more outfit posts. I have always love those.