Tuesday, March 15, 2011

River Front Daze

Hi Guys! I hope your weekend went swell! Here are a few pics from Saturday. I love river fronts mainly because of the peacefulness of the water. I am such an outdoor lover, I could just sit here for hours thinking,dreaming and loving life more and more. The City of Wilmington , Delaware. I am in love! :) I'm actually considering moving here. With Sammy's approval of course. haha!

btw:Check out my new polish for the first part of spring it's an OPI shade called (cajun shrimp) I call it (love this sooo much) lol ...
What do you think about it?

All photos were taken by Sammy Tarantino & Cali Shabazz for ACALITALE.com

outfit:earrings-necklace-rings-vest 21, dress h&m,tights?, leg warmers thrifted,watch Michael Kors,shoes thrifted

love you 2 pieces ♥



  1. Beautiful pix. You should move to the west coast :) the weather is much better and the food is to die for. The nails are HOT!!

  2. WHAT? u cut ur hair oh em geez.. I like it short cals. the pics are dazzling. The nails are cute firecracker red/orange. i luv how ur not afraid to step outside of the box and try new things.