Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Hi Guys! I know you all are just about as tired of the cold weather as I am. I
can't wait until spring & summer. I can smell the blooming flowers already
(exaggerating) lol This Sunday, my birthday, is on the first day of spring.
Yay! I told you guys I was awesome lol j/k.. I'm so ready to throw my winter
coats,hats and gloves in the back of the basement for next year. I've had enough
of the blistering cold and sitting in my car for 10 minutes just to warm it up.
Bring on the boho hats,shorts,floral maxi dresses, pastels,lace,sandals,flip
flops, water ice and amusement parks. Let's all disappear in the warm weather
explore and capture all the memories on photograph. I can't wait to lay in the grass for hours gazing at the sun loving life, the long hours of sunlight,the butterflies,the sounds of laughter. I miss it all!..I'm sorry SLR you will be
put to work in just a few months. Haha Here are a few photos I've chosen as my
summer inspiration for right now. I hope they brighten your day!

Love you 2 pieces ♥


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  1. Cali, I cannot wait to see your new looks and outfits this season. In california its always spring and summer to us lol. I enjoyed the pix thanks mama!

  2. u brightened my day cali. thank u! keep up the good work. We want to see more "your style" looks on your blog. Post them girl. hehe nicely chosen pics to represent summa summa summa time. im excited ^_^